Let it snow, let it snow…

Yesterday 12 & ½ inches of snow blanketed North Texas. It has gone down in the record books as a miracle snowfall. My simple suburb was transformed into a breathtaking sight, scenery pure and thick with quiet. Hustle and bustle had clearly flown to warmer climates. Trees brushed off their unfamiliar new coats of snow. Birds no longer camouflaged by nature but instead flittering dots on a white world.

I was struck by just the sheer immensity of how much snow there was. Piles, drifts even. I recalled that once upon a time someone quite learned taught me that every single snowflake is entirely unique. No two ever the same. Ever. The piles, drifts and Texas snowmen were made of some astronomical number of individual snowflakes. Millions, billions, trillions, trillions times trillions. Each and every one of them different? Hard to fathom. I had this picture of God's mighty hand just shaking them out over my zip code. Gently but with purpose the way a farmer's wife would shake out feed to the hens. Intentional but with little effort. And I marveled about how simple everything is for God. It staggers the mind to ponder that from the dawn of time to this Texas mini blizzard every single snowflake that had ever fallen anywhere in the entire world has been different. The enormity of it is majestic. God is majestic. You can see the correlation. How can I ever doubt a God that takes the time to make snowflakes special? If snowflakes can matter that much to Him then surely He took even more care in making each one of us, well, "us". If His hand can so simply transform a landscape then what can He do with me? With you? I get giddy just thinking about what He might have in mind! Don't you too? I am no expert but I'd be willing to bet most snowflakes are never seen by anyone but God. And yet He still takes that much care with them. I would think no less of His sovereignty if He had decided all snowflakes would be identical. But He didn't. The obvious is that He designed us to be seen. To shine. Shine brightly at that. He wants us to stand out. The talents and giftings and senses humor, uncanny memorys, whatever, to glow for His glory. So how much more has He invested in our individual creation? Snowflakes barely survive a few hours and we are given a lifetime? My mind is boggled and I am compelled to live up to my personal blueprint.

Perhaps it is a silly comparison…snowflakes and us. But maybe not. God is a God of detail. Nothing too tiny for His might. Gosh, even when Adam and Eve had sinned and stood before Him with rough leaves covering their nakedness He took fur and clothed them in softness. No detail overlooked for His beloved.

He made me to be me. He made you to be you. He dusted my world with snowflakes so that I might marvel in Him. How honored I am that He longs so much to grab my attention. I triple dog dare you to spend the next 24 hours watching for how He is working to grab yours.

For to the snow He says, "Fall on the earth" Job 37: 6


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