A moment...

So…yeah….had a moment…..ok, per previous post I am most fired up for tomorrow's faceting to begin. BUT that is tomorrow so tonight I chose the road less faceted and decided that for dinner my daughter and I would pop out to get some good old fashioned fried up and greasy fast food. Now to appreciate this story you have to know that when I am home I tend to go for comfy rather than cute and today was no exception. I figured we were getting window food so no one would see my attire.

Once in the car I noticed the fuel range indicated 7 miles. Uh oh, I forgot I needed gas. Double uh oh, I am rocking out hot pink sweat shorts , a tank top (it is 39 degrees outside) and get this, my granny fanny velour house shoes. Seriously. To grasp the urgency of my impending shame you must know it is Super Bowl Sunday and the streets are busy. Add to that I live in one of the seven most affluent towns in America. And here I am in what can only be described as full out W.T. attire, frankly all I needed at this point to qualify for PeopleOfWalmart.com is a cigarette hanging out of my mouth.

Of course there were about 15 cars at the nearest gas station, all drivers dressed in warm, trendy attire. Glaring was the obvious absence of any other house shoes. Let's just say it takes a most self confident woman to get out of her car and pump gas in light pink rubber soled velour slippers. Oh for the faceting to begin!


Mandy Hall said...

If only I had been there...to laugh and photograph the moment!

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