Wanna See The Face Of God?

I begged heaven for my daughter. I shook my fist in anger at God that she was not here for me to hold. I mourned never feeling a growing child move inside my belly and in my very soul I ached to mother. There was a hole in me nothing else could fill, but her.

Waiting for her was the biggest stretch my faith has ever known. But the journey was the most intimate I had ever been with God. Through those years He tested my love, He cast down every idol and He drew me to Him. I know He longed that I would desire Him more than I desired her. And how eager He and all of heaven must have been watching the calendar that I could not see that showed the date she would come into our family. As I can only picture in human terms I chuckle to think that perhaps He could barely sleep the night before I met her knowing the joy I would soon hold in my arms.

Now I have learned that the joy was far more than becoming a mother. The joy was in seeing His promise manifest before my very eyes. Every time I look at her little cherub face I know my prayers are heard on high. I know He places the desires in my heart and I know that He has good plans for me. I know He holds my hand and I know that He delights in me. I know He is my shield and my place of refuge. I know that when I look at her I see the face of God...she is a real, live, breathing prayer come to life…His hand extended to mine…His face smiling down upon me. I am humbled by the lavishness of His gift.

Now dear reader I know that you may not much care that it took me what felt like a lifetime to become a mother. But I bet you care that God answers prayers. And I bet you care whether or not faith works. I bet you are itching to see God's face revealed in your own miracle emerging from the ether of heaven into your life. So I have this to say to you: Your prayers are heard on high. He places the desires in your heart and He has good plans for you. He is who holds your hand and He absolutely delights in you. He is your shield and your place of refuge. His hand is extended to you…His face is smiling down upon you and He is eager to lavish His love upon you. Wanna see it happen? Then trust Him with your whole heart and nothing less. He has a calendar with the date of whatever you are believing for circled and I bet He won't be able to sleep the night before you see His face manifest before you.


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