Mascara? Check.

Today is the first day I have put on mascara in 22 days. 22 days. Wow, I have been va va va voomless for 22 days. Well, today the mascara is back on, va-voomness is on its way back and I am back on track to global domination. My back is still hurting especially with certain movements but my healing has been dramatic and at warp speed. Frankly my husband gets oodles of credit for that because he has literally done everything in order for me to rest. So here is a cyber "thank you" to the greatest man in the world!!! Thanks babe!

Having a broken back gives one the gift (or torture depending upon how you chose to look at it) of lots of time to stare at the ceiling and think. Think…listen to the voices in your head…think some more…then decide which voices you are going to listen too. So I have listened, I have prayed, I have sorted, I have thought, prayed some more and decided it is time to move forward. Rockstar up so to speak. So here is the dish: Every day holds the power of choice. Every reaction, decision, action or lack of action is a choice. You can choose victory or defeat, lack or abundance, self indulgence or discipline, love or selfishness, fear or faith. I chose faith. Coming out of this accident I have to say I see things more clearly…perhaps one would call them priorities? Such as nothing is more essential than my relationship with God, nothing is more precious than time with my family, nothing is impossible for me through Christ and nothing smells sweeter than the top of my daughter's head.

Now none of this may seem earth shattering, it has certainly all been said before but are you acting on it? Hmmmm, ask the voices in your head then tell all of them to zip it that don't line up with what God says is true about you and the future of your dreams. So here I am, mascara on, moving forward. I went to work today and have reignited my personal business and have re-committed myself to my writing. Is that a lot? Maybe. Are my dreams big? No doubt. Do I have a lot to give the world? I'd like to think so. Can I do it all? The Voice says yes.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." – Jim Rohn

"Go big or go home" - Unknown but a most fabulous mantra


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