Just do it

I've always thought when God spoke the mountains moved. I know now that when I listen, believe, embrace, and act upon what He speaks He helps me to move mountains. I think we all know at some point what we are called to do with our lives. Sometimes we don't like it or more often than not we love it but are scared because it seems so much bigger than what we are capable of. And it is. It's supposed to be bigger than us. It would not be a calling, a dream or a life purpose if we could do it on our own. God sized dreams require God. Period.

Now, I've been pretty good about doing lots of good things. Praying, serving, leading…and I've been sort of good at looking like I was working on my calling. I have written a few published articles and I started this blog. Good right? God sized? Hardly.

So here is the straight and the narrow of it, if we know what we are called to do and we don't do it we are being disobedient. Ouch. And no matter how much "close to our calling" good stuff we are doing we are still disobedient. Double ouch. So, this awakening of knowing the difference is revelation, and to have something revealed means we can't go back to not knowing what we now know. We must consciously choose to say ,"ok, Jesus I know you went to the cross for me and all but I am going to stick my head back in the sand and act like you did not make this known to me" or we can say, "ok, Jesus I know you went to the cross for me and all so therefore I've got to believe you can take my actions and the dreams you have laid in my heart and make them happen if I trust in You".

Here is the kicker, Monday God made it clear my lack of faith in His ability to do what seems impossible to me + my pride in thinking somehow I had to do it all on my own = every disconnect I have been feeling. Enter new equation, My big God + My big faith = My big God ordained dream coming to pass in His way, His time and His glory. So Tuesday I acted like a big girl with a big God and made a phone call I was scared to make. And guess what? God leveled the very mountain I was afraid to climb and opened a big door for my dream to flow through. Thursday He opened another one.

I felt stupid when I was dialing the phone. Heck half the time I feel stupid when I write these blog posts. And every time there are voices that say not to do it, that people will laugh, that I'm not qualified, that who am I to think I have something to say? The door that opened Thursday was from me writing my infertility testimony and submitting it. What did both of these mountain leveling, door opening moments have in common? Action. Action taken in faith to face possible rejection and faith that God's ability was bigger than my inability. But if I had just thought about doing these things or just listed them in my journal as things I should do or even just kept praying about whether or not I should do them zero point zero action would have been taken and no doors would have opened.

So in a nutshell, I challenge us both to less lip flapping and more action taking. As Nike would say, just do it!


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