Row, row, row the boat

For all the challenges the summer held this chilly season has held so many smiles! I do not know how to put my finger on it but something has happened…a corner was turned….somewhere when I looked away for the briefest of moments something clicked. Bella is more engaged, she is trying REALLY hard to be more patient, she is attempting new sounds and though they may not be "real" words they are the most beautiful sounds I have EVER heard! And this week, she used a three word sentence. THREE WORDS. Do you wanna know the best part??? Guess what the sentence was? "Love you Mommy" (which came out as "shoves chu mommy" and it was perfect!!) I do not have the skill to convey to you what a balm over my heart those words were to me. She has said "shoves chu" before but never as a "real" sentence…and never so intentionally, to me.

Bella is exploring more creative play. She is so much better on stairs! She can eat with a fork OR a spoon now with little assistance. She can pull up her own pair of pants if they have an elastic waist. And she can pedal her tricycle to rival Lance Armstrong himself.

Bella never complains about how much therapy she is asked to push through every week. She does not seem annoyed that she has to have a gate everywhere so she does not get hurt on the stairs. She is happy. She is joyful. She is brave. She is bold. And she is works so hard. Truly I am in awe of her.

Our victories may seem trivial to many but to us they are blue ribbon, gold medal worthy and often tears of gratitude inducing. When she says "no, no" because she finally thinks she can climb out of the car by herself, well, that is amazing. I have to hold my breath sometimes when she tries new things for fear she will get hurt….and at the same time praise God that she is trying where there was not enough skill to even attempt it just a few months ago. So, I am grateful for all she is doing….what she is trying….where we are headed and for where we have been. God causes all things to work together for good the bible says. ALL things. All things.

Bella likes me to sing with her and lately one of her favs is "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" so Bean and I will just keep rowing the boat and God will keep reminding me that He alone controls the stream.